Characteristic of infectious coloproctitis model in rats

  • N. M. Derkach
  • S. Yu. Shtrygol
  • N. I. Filimonova
  • Yu. B. Laryanovska
  • O. V. Tovchiga
Keywords: rats, coloproctitis, Staphylococcus аureus, Pseudomonas аеruginosa


The model of infectious coloproctitis reproduced under laparotomy in anesthetized rats, through the injection of Staphylococcus аureus АТСС29213 or Pseudomonas аеruginosa АТСС 27853 culture at a dose of 1 x 108 to the colon and rectum through flexible rectal catheter under palpation and visual control, has been suggested. The model is characterized by good reproducibility, development of the significant inflammatory process in the intestine, predominance of catabolic processes, disorders of the liver functional state. It can be recommended for the investigation of the experimental infectious process pathogenesis and antimicrobial drugs efficacy.

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Derkach, N. M., Shtrygol, S. Y., Filimonova, N. I., Laryanovska, Y. B., & Tovchiga, O. V. (2017). Characteristic of infectious coloproctitis model in rats. Reports of Morphology, 21(1), 231-238. Retrieved from