Trauma pathophysiology (40 years collective experimental review)

  • V .N. Jelski
  • S. V. Zyablitsev
  • Yu.Y. Kruck
  • G. K. Krivobok
  • S. E. Zolotuhin
  • S. V. Kolesnikova
  • S. V. Pishulina
  • Y. V. Antonov
  • M. S. Sidun
  • T. L. Zavedeya
  • I. I. Strelchenko
Keywords: extreme states, shock, crush syndrome, coal mine trauma, electric, burn, craniocerebral trauma, pathogenetic therapy


In a review article summarized experimental materials for 40 years of the extreme states (shock, crush syndrome, coal mine trauma, electric, burn, craniocerebral trauma) and their pathogenetic therapy: disturbances of endocrine homoeostasis and methods of its pathogenetic correction with the use of neurothropic medicines of different pharmacogenesis; disturbances of metabolism of shock cell at subcellular level, its bioenergy and hypoxia, ways of their renewal by substrates and enzymes, antihypoxants and antioxidants, to hyperbaric oxygenation; shock toxemia and detoxication with the use of liposomes and original dialyzer on liquid dynamic membranes. Generalization of vast material about neurohumoral and metabolic disturbances in an organism on system, organ, cellular and subcellular levels, their pharmacological correction, allowed to create analysis, diagnostics and choice of criteria of prognostication of shock ends. On principle and substantially new information served for an argumentation and creation of conception and theory of traumatic illness. A planimeter is developed for diagnostics, prognostication and sorting of victims from natural calamities and large catastrophes, pathogenetic substantiation preventive measures of complications and medical care in pre-hospital phase.

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