Medical tactics of the cystic formations of pancreas

  • N. V. Prolom
Keywords: pancreas, pancreatic cysts, surgery on the gland cysts pancreas


For the period 2014-2015 we observed 472 patients with pathology of pancreas in the surgery department of organs of digestion State Institution "Institute of Gastroenterology NAMS of Ukraine", from which 65 patients had cysts of the pancreas. Surgical procedures were performed in 31 (47.7%) patients. The type, amount and duration of surgical intervention depended upon origin, location and size of pancreatic cysts, as well as the ductal system of the pancreas (presence of strictures, extensions of various lengths, virsungolitiaz), correlation of cysts and the main pancreatic duct, we also took into account the active signs of inflammation of the pancreas and the extent of its fibrosis. Surgeries were divided on IV types by functional orientations: I - draining (were performed in 16 (51.6%) patients), II - organ-saving cystectomy operation (were performed in 2 (6.4%) patients); III - organ-saving resection- draining (were performed in 3 (9.7%) patients) and IV - resection (were performed in 8 (25.8%) patients).

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