Traumogenesis of spine injuries in victims with polytrauma as a result of road accidents

  • S.A. Guriev
  • P.V. Tanasienko
  • K.V. Palagniuk
Keywords: traumogenesis, polytrauma, injured, spine


Trauma is one of the three leading causes of mortality, and in the population under the age of 40 this cause comes out on top. To solve the problems of the study on the influence of traumogenesis on the course of the traumatic process and the formation of the study array, we retrospectively analyzed 173 medical records of a stationary patient with injuries to the spine and polytrauma of the resulting accident. Analysis of the distribution of an array of victims with spinal cord injury and polytrauma as a result of an accident on the basis of the mechanism of trauma indicated that among the injured with spinal injuries and polytrauma, high-energy trauma mechanisms, such as direct impact, fall and their combination prevail as a result of road accidents. The integrated analysis of the observation array on the basis of participation in the movement found that most of the damage to the spine and polytrauma as a result of an accident was found in the recovered passengers of 4 wheeled vehicles and in the group of pedestrians who died, indicates that the drivers are more likely to suffer spinal injuries, Than in the affected group of the deceased.


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