Influence of infusion therapy on blood parameters in patients with ischemic cerebral stroke

  • A. I. Semenenko
  • B. A. Kondratskiy
  • G. I. Kozlenko
  • S. J. Drabenyuk
  • A. V. Yarova
  • O. V. Dika
  • N. O. Semenenko
  • A. V. Sheremeta
Keywords: acute stroke, 0.9% solution of NaCl, hydroxyethyl starch130/04, blood


The article analyzed the influence of a single course of therapy with different infusion solutions on indicators of analysis of blood. It was interest to investigate the influence of a separate course of therapy with various solutions on key indicators in general and biochemical blood test to ascertain the comprehensive influence of infusion solutions on hemorheological parameters of blood in acute stroke. Investigated izoosmolar 0.9% NaCI solution and colloidal izoosmolar solution of hydroxyethyl starch 130/04 injected intravenously drip in conditionally effective dose of 2.5 ml/kg 2p/d (5 ml/kg per day) (determined experimentally) immediately upon confirmation of diagnosis and then every day every 12 hours for 7 days. Control group of patients received infusion solutions only 0.9% NaCI, the comparison group - 0.9% NaCI + hydroxyethyl starch 130/04. Use of izoosmolar 0.9% NaCl solution in addition to standard therapy for 7 days provides a constant of electrolyte balance and daily water balance, decrease of hematocrit after 4 days of treatment, the immutability of blood osmolarity, satisfactory of urinary function in patients with acute cerebrovascular accident with ischemic type. Treatment of colloidal izoosmolar hydroxyethyl starch 130/04 allows you quickly decrease the hematocrit at constant daily water balance in patients with acute cerebral stroke. However, in patients showed an increasing the concentration of sodium and increasing the concentration of urea which is a sign of increased load on the renal excretory function.

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Semenenko, A. I., Kondratskiy, B. A., Kozlenko, G. I., Drabenyuk, S. J., Yarova, A. V., Dika, O. V., Semenenko, N. O., & Sheremeta, A. V. (2017). Influence of infusion therapy on blood parameters in patients with ischemic cerebral stroke. Reports of Morphology, 22(2), 307-311. Retrieved from

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