Quantitative changes in the microstructure of the pancreas under the influence of sublethal dehydration, subsequent readaptation and correction

  • V.Yu. Kovchun Medical Institute of Sumy State University, Sumy, Ukraine
Keywords: pancreas, islets of Langerhans, acini, sublethal dehydration, thiazotic acid morpholinium salt.


Dehydration is a pathological condition caused by insufficient water intake and is accompanied by metabolic disorders that have significant consequences for human health and performance. The endocrine system takes part in a number of functions of the water exchange system, optimizing body fluid volume. In the literature, there is no systematic data on changes in the pancreas under conditions of various types of dehydration. This article is devoted to the study of structural changes in the pancreas in conditions of sublethal degrees of various types of dehydration, followed by readaptation and correction with a drug that has anti-ischemic, membrane-stabilizing, antioxidant, hepatoprotective and immunomodulatory properties that allow to normalize protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. The purpose of the study was to research the features of changes in the endocrine and exocrine parenchyma of the pancreas by the method of morphometry of histological preparations under conditions of sublethal dehydration with subsequent readaptation and correction with thiazotic acid morpholinium salt. The study group consisted of 60 mature male rats, which were simulated sublethal degree of general, cellular and extracellular dehydration by the method of A.D.Soboleva, V.Z.Sikora, J.Ya.Bodnar. After reaching a severe degree of dehydration, part of the rats were transferred to a regular drinking diet, the second part received a corrector drug for 14 days. The animals were withdrawn from the experiment by decapitation under anesthesia on 24th, 44th and 104th days in accordance with the type of dehydration. After analyzing the results obtained, it was found that there were no significant differences in most morphometric parameters under conditions of exposure to sublethal dehydration in comparison with subsequent readaptation. Significant changes in the area of the islets of Langerhans and the area of nuclei of exocrinocytes were revealed under conditions of exposure to various types of sublethal dehydration in comparison with readaptation and correction; in all experimental groups. Other morphometric parameters of the pancreatic parenchyma had changes of varying statistical significance, which depended on the type of dehydration. It has been established that the use of the thiazotic acid morpholinium salt leads to partial restoration of the structural components of the pancreatic parenchyma in comparison with the period of readaptation.


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