Prognostic assessment of constitutional indicators influence on the indicators of personality traits of practically healthy women with different somatotypes

Keywords: indicators of personality traits, indicators of body structure and sizes, somatotype, practically healthy women, factor analysis.


It is known that both genetic factors and environmental influences affect the development of the human body. This statement also applies to a person’s personality, ie the big five – the main features that make it up. The study of the relationship between physique and personality traits among a healthy population is very relevant and is a promising area for anthropology and psychology. The purpose of the work is to conduct a prognostic assessment of the influence of anthropo-somatotypological indicators on the personality indicators in practically healthy Ukrainian women without and taking into account the somatotype. Primary anthropo-somatotypological (anthropometry according to Bunak’s scheme, Heath-Carter somatotype determination, Matiegka and American Institute of Nutrition weight composition) and personality indicators (determination of leading typological characteristics of temperament according to Eysenck, psychodynamic features of personality according to Spielberger and features of accentuated personality traits according to Shmishek, components of internality according to Rotter) of practically healthy Ukrainian women of the first mature age are selected from the data bank of materials of the research center of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya. Factor analysis was performed in the license package "Statistica 6.1". The main factors that indicate the association of personality traits of practically healthy Ukrainian women of different somatotypes with some anthropo-somatotypological indicators: mesomorphs – "the size of the girth and fat size of the body" and "the size of the longitudinal size of the body"; in ectomorphs – "the size of the girth of the body" and "the size of the fat size of the body"; in endo-mesomorphs - "the magnitude of the circumferential size of the body" and "the magnitude of the width of the mandible"; in representatives of the middle intermediate somatotype – "the magnitude of the longitudinal and circumferential dimensions of the body" and "the magnitude of SFT on the posterior surface of the shoulder." In the general group of women, it is impossible to single out the second factor that has a significant load. Analysis of the obtained relationships of interdependence of personality traits, which have the greatest prognostic value in terms of formation of human personality with anthropo-somatotypological indicators showed that women of different somatotypes identified interdependencies have certain features. Thus, the application of factor analysis made it possible to determine the most significant relationships of personality indicators with the constitutional parameters of the body in practically healthy Ukrainian women of different somatotypes.


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Andriievskyi, I., SerebrennikovaО., Bondar, S., Shayuk, A., & Gunas, I. (2021). Prognostic assessment of constitutional indicators influence on the indicators of personality traits of practically healthy women with different somatotypes. Reports of Morphology, 27(4), 5-12.

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