Densitometric assessment in the justification of rehabilitation of patients with atrophy of the bone tissue of the mandible, on the right side

Keywords: mandible, computed tomography, densitometry, bone atrophy.


Densitometric methods for determining bone density are increasingly becoming fundamental in research and a priority in clinical applications in medical practice. Rehabilitation of patients with bone atrophy becomes impossible without assessing its density and, at the same time, is an important component in the diagnosis and planning of reconstructive surgery, in particular, prognosticity in the use of osteoplastic materials or osteointegration of dental implants. The aim of the study was to conduct a densitometric assessment to substantiate the rehabilitation of patients with atrophy of the mandible, on the right side, in the age groups of 25 to 75 years. Computed tomography digital scan scans obtained using the Vatech PaX-I 3D Green extra-oral radiography system and processed by the standardized X-ray diagnostic software Ez3D-I Original ver. Using the tools of the horizontal option panel, in particular the keys of the interface “profile”, the density of bone tissue with interpretation in conventional units of grayness (CUG) in the projection of 4.6, 4.7 teeth was investigated. To obtain qualitatively homogeneous values, we used nonparametric methods of statistical analysis of comparison of age groups – using the multidimensional Kruskal-Wallis test as an alternative intergroup analysis of variance, for simultaneous comparison of three samples. It is proved that during the statistical analysis of bone density using the Mann-Whitney U test in the studied areas of the mandible on the right, the total average number of M experimental (E) groups compared to the average number of the control group (C), high reliability in vertical (VP) measurements and confirmed p<0.05. Thus, it is proved that the early loss of the masticatory group of teeth, in the first group of studies (25-45 years), leads to high rates, with increasing bone density in the direction of distalization of the final defect of the dentition. Conversely, the lack of functional action on bone tissue in the second (46-60 years) and third (61-75 years) groups of the study, leads to a decrease in its density, and, consequently, to the devastation of the trabecular layer, which contributes to the progression of atrophic processes.


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