Body tissue reaction on polypropylene mesh implants

  • R.A. Lutkovskyi
Keywords: polypropylene mesh implants, tissue reaction


The tissue reaction on the implantation of polypropylene mesh implants for the treatment of abdominal hernia was evaluated during experiment in rats. The conducted studies allowed to establish reaction to used mesh implants in the surgical treatment of abdominal hernias up to the third day of observation usually caused inflammatory reaction and the presence of necrotization in tissues around implanted nets due to operational trauma and body reaction to the foreign body. By the seventh day of observation, the inflammatory reaction in the tissues around the implanted nets decreases and the connective tissue capsule begins to form, what leads to separation of the implants from the surrounding tissues, the formation of which ends up to 90 days of observation. Aggressive inflammatory tissue reaction during first seven days after surgery, the presence of circulatory disorders and necrotic tissue with the addition of microorganisms may be the cause of complications in the early postoperative period.


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