The morphological features of the subcapsular area of the rat liver in norma

  • M. V. Logash
  • R. M. Onysko
  • Yu. R. Soguyko
  • R. R. Soguyko
  • Yu. Ya. Kryvko
  • P. B. Pokotylo
Keywords: liver, hepatocyte, glycogen, rat, subcapsular area


The questions of the heterogeneity of the rat liver were detached in the article, in particular, morphological features of the subcapsular area because the course of pathological processes in it has some features. The samples from the rat liver has been taken for the research, hematoxylin-eosin staining and Schiff staining were used. The volume of the hepatocytes, the number of hepatocytes, the sinusoid to parenchyma ratio, the size of the sinusoid and the intensity of the glycogen accumulation were researched. After the comparison of the subcapsular area and the liver as a whole, the next features of the subcapsular area has been found: the size of hepatocytes larger in subcapsular area, as well as larger heterogeneity of the shape and the size; lesser the number of hepatocytes in unit of volume in subcapsular area; there were lesser number of sinusoid in subcapsular area, although, larger their size; lesser the glycogen concentration within the subcapsular area.

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Logash, M. V., Onysko, R. M., Soguyko, Y. R., Soguyko, R. R., Kryvko, Y. Y., & Pokotylo, P. B. (2017). The morphological features of the subcapsular area of the rat liver in norma. Reports of Morphology, 21(1), 23-26. Retrieved from