Privacy Policy

The authors of the manuscripts trust the editors of the results of their scientific and creative work, which may affect their reputation, primarily the scientific, and subsequent careers. Therefore, any manuscripts and supplementary materials received for consideration should be treated as confidential documents that cannot be displayed to a third party and discussed with a third party. The confidentiality of the author(s) may be violated in exceptional cases if fraud or dishonor is detected by the author(s).

The editorial board should also not disclose to anyone, except for authors and reviewers, such manuscript information as: receipt, content, current status in the process of review, critique of reviewers or final decision.

To ensure confidentiality in the Journal «Вісник морфології / Reports of Morphology», the Double-blind review (double-sided anonymous review) principle is applied: the author/authors personal information is not disclosed to the reviewer; the author/authors do not disclose the personal data of the reviewer.

The reviewers explained that the manuscript accepted for consideration is the property of the authors. Therefore, reviewers and editors are not allowed to discuss publicly available works prior to the publication of the manuscript, as well as to identify the ideas of the authors. Reviewers are prohibited from making copies of manuscripts on any media, and it is prohibited to transfer manuscripts to other persons. Reviewers must return or destroy copies of the manuscripts they submit for review after submission of reviews. The editors should not keep copies of rejected manuscripts.

Comments by reviewers cannot be published or made public without the permission of the reviewer, author and editor.

The privacy policy is fully applicable to reviewers - reviewers should not be disclosed to the author or to anyone else without the personal review of reviewers.